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California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE)

Purpose and Content

The primary purpose of the California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE) is to significantly improve pupil achievement in public high schools and to ensure that pupils who graduate from public high schools can demonstrate grade level competency in reading, writing, and mathematics. The CAHSEE helps identify students who are not developing skills that are essential for life after high school and encourages districts to give these students the attention and resources needed to help them achieve these skills during their high school years. All California public school students must satisfy the CAHSEE requirement, as well as all other state and local requirements, in order to receive a high school diploma. The CAHSEE requirement can be satisfied by passing the exam or, for students with disabilities, receiving a local waiver pursuant to Education Code Section 60851(c).

The CAHSEE has two parts: English-language arts (ELA) and mathematics. The ELA part addresses state content standards through grade ten. In reading, this includes vocabulary, decoding, comprehension, and analysis of information and literary texts. In writing, this covers writing strategies, applications, and the conventions of English (e.g. grammar, spelling, and punctuation). The mathematics part of the CAHSEE addresses state standards in grades six and seven and Algebra I. The exam includes statistics, data analysis and probability, number sense, measurement and geometry, mathematical reasoning, and algebra. Students are also asked to demonstrate a strong foundation in computation and arithmetic, including working with decimals, fractions, and percents.

CAHSEE Resources

CAHSEE Testing Preparation: Information and Resources

Welcome students, teachers and parents.  During the coming months, this site will be updated with additional resources that will assist students in preparing to take the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE).  The testing dates are available on the school calendar page (click here to see the calendar).

Important CAHSEE Links

Teacher Created Lessons/Resources

Many of our teachers at CLAHS #9 have created wonderful lesson plans and resources to help our students pass the CAHSEE Exam.  These resources have been generously shared for the benefit of the entire school community.  (Any teacher interested in sharing a lesson should contact Mr. Lee.)

*Some files will be updated as necessary.



Quick Facts


  • Math= 92 multiple choice questions (12 trial questions-not scored) - Require 55% (44 correct) to pass. 
  • English (Combination of MC and essay:  MC=80% Essay=20%)
    • English=79 multiple choice questions (7 trial questions-not scored) - Require 60% to pass.
    • English= 2 1/2 page essay based on prompt.

*Not an All or Nothing Test.
      Math and English sections are independent.  Students only retake the section that was not passed.