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My pedagogic philosophy is simple: Giving a student the answer is like giving a student a fish.  Showing a student where to find the answer is like teaching a student how to fish.  The first strategy feeds the student in the moment, or for a day.  The second strategy keeps a student fed for a lifetime. Doing so with wit and humor is the best method.


Rami Raheb

Bonjour  !

This is Mr. Raheb. I am very happy to be your French teacher.

If at any time you have questions, email is the best method for contacting me rami.raheb@lausd.net


Schoolloop will be updated every two weeks until the end of semester.


Miss a day, a quiz or falling behind?   Need to work-off a Mouton?  Attend French tutoring.

Forget your resources?  Speaking English in class?  Didn't do your work?  Can't put away your phone?  Complete a Mouton and come to French tutoring  at lunch to work off your Mouton(s) !



We have 3.5 hours a week in class to study French.  Prepared students participate, and advance faster, allowing more time for fun and creativity when they have done their work in advance.  Just 1.2 pages a day in your carnet

Like music?!  Of course you do.  Relearn everything you think you know in English, but in French with Henri Dès, you'll find him and other suggestions on the Listen page.


Your le carnet de français by level guides are here:  French 1, French 2, French 3.


Your sample final exams are located in your French level lockers!  (Locker 1, Locker 2, Locker 3)

Test your knowledge of French in English.


Khan Academy is now all in French!


In the month of May brave French students take the French AP test because no one is paying attention, et pourquoi pas?!

Vive le rire et la tolérance!

Allez!  A bientôt!

Mr. Raheb.


Aujourd'hui je me sens...


Les poules du couvent couvent.

Une autre fabrique