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Monsieur Joyet’s pedagogic philosophy is not his own, and pulls from a multitude of strategies and disciplines.

Consider giving a student the answer as being like giving a student a fish.  Showing a student where to find the answer is like teaching a student how to fish.  The first strategy feeds the student in the moment, or for a day.  The second strategy keeps a student fed for a lifetime. 

Doing so with wit and humor is the best method. 

Language is habit.  

Good habits are practiced every day.

Listen and repeat, read, listen and repeat, write when inclined, listen and repeat, read, listen and repeat write when inclined, repeat as needed. 

Repitition is good for the brain!

Mr. Joyet on Pyjama Day

Pyjama Day

Aujourd'hui je me sens...


La fabrique des Francophones

Bonjour et bienvenue à La fabrique des francophones.

Welcome, or Bienvenue, as they say! 

Please take advantage of these tools, as there is much here to help you with your French, no matter your skill level; or conceptually speaking, in the acquisition of any language.

If you are a returning student, “Bravo!”  The Pot-Pourri-Lockers-For-All tab, has a plentiful supply of free French resources for you.

For French language instructors near and far, much of the site has been maintained for your pedagogic développement, with just a few modifications. Specifically, the Vive La Langue Française tab, and the Classroom Panoramique tab.

Rubriques, White Pages, Curriculum, and related tools are all here for anyone to use as they see fit.  

I am convinced of the value of listening first, reading, writing and finally speaking a second language; emphasized by the importance of the Interactive Notebook.

I remain a French language instructional specialist-at-large, available for consultation on second language acquisition for French or other languages, as well effective classroom instructional strategies.

Merci pour tout et à tous !   Thanks for everything and for all!


Monsieur Stéphane Joyet