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Tutoring: Thursdays from 3:30 to 4:40 P.M.


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C. Kravec

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Name: Mrs. Kravec (formerly Ms. García)

Subject: English 9th, Advanced ELD 1, Advanced ELD 2, Language & Literature

About Me: I was born in McAllen, Texas, but I'm now happy to have relocated to Los Angeles, California. I taught journalism and English for six years in Texas before coming to Los Angeles. I then worked at Civitas School of Leadership for six years, and I am now happy to start my third year at Grand Arts. I have a Bachelor of Arts with minors in English and Spanish from the University of Texas-Pan American. I also earned my technology teaching certification from the University of North Texas. Lastly, I earned a Master of Arts in Teaching Educational Technology at National University here in California.

I love traveling! I love learning about new cultures, people, languages, and food.  I also enjoy reading, music, live concerts, and attending sporting events. My favorite soccer team is the L.A. Galaxy. I also play NFL fantasy football, and I love the Dodgers and the Lakers. 

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Late Work Policy

It is recommended that students adhere to the core value of responsibility and submit work on time. No late work will be accepted unless there is an extreme circumstance. When this occurs, students must communicate with the teacher. The highest grade a student can receive when submitting late assignments is a 70. 

Ninth graders have a class called Freshman Seminar, in which they get time to work on their homework. In addition, students generally get time in class to start their work. There really is no reason why a student should have late or missing assignments. 

Grades are available via School Loop. Please log in regularly and keep up with your work. Please don't wait until the end of the semester to ask about your grade. Thank you!

A.R. Daily Reading

Students are expected to read at least 30 minutes at home daily. Students will have A.R. reading goals they must meet by 12/09/16 Although students are encouraged to read for pleasure, it is recommended that they read novels at their reading level that will help them meet their A.R. goals. You may visit www.arbookfind.com to find the level of a book and the number of points you will get when you take and pass the novel quiz.


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