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Contact Ken Martinez  Ken Martinez Principal
Executive Artistic Director
Contact Kim Bruno  Kim Bruno Executive Artistic Director
Assistant Principals
Contact Eva Arrechiga  Eva Arrechiga ex: 8778 Assistant Principal
Contact Rachel Nguyen  Rachel Nguyen ex: 8631 Assistant Principal
Contact Victoria Vickers  Victoria Vickers ex: 8759 Assistant Principal
Contact Yecenia Arriola  Yecenia Arriola Records
Contact Nancy Serrano  Nancy Serrano Site Administrative Assistant
Faculty and Counselors
Contact Steven Abee  Steven Abee English Dept.
Contact Bernard Addison  Bernard Addison Teacher
Contact Ms. Ahn  Ms. Ahn English Dept.
Contact Hector Alejandro  Hector Alejandro History/Soc. Sci. Dept.
Contact Christine Alfaro  Christine Alfaro (213) 217-8630 Counselor, Visual Arts Academy
Contact Jasmine Bayou-Young  Jasmine Bayou-Young Mathematics Dept.
Contact Mr. Berman  Mr. Berman Technology Coordinator
Contact Amal Burke  Amal Burke Teacher
Contact Cristal Burkhart  Cristal Burkhart Science Dept.
Contact Angelina Burleigh  Angelina Burleigh Dance Dept.
Contact Brandon Cabezas  Brandon Cabezas History/Soc. Sci. Dept.
Contact Jorge Caridad  Jorge Caridad Teacher
Contact Sue Cartagena  Sue Cartagena Counselor, Dance Academy
Contact Eric Cañas  Eric Cañas Music Dept.
Contact Daniel Chapman  Daniel Chapman Science Dept.
Contact E Chavelas  E Chavelas Special Ed. Dept.
Contact Kelvin Cheung  Kelvin Cheung Mathematics Dept.
Contact Mildred Costo  Mildred Costo Physics Teacher
Contact Kelsey Cushing  Kelsey Cushing Science Dept.
Contact Joel Daavid  Joel Daavid Theatre Arts Dept.
Contact Eric Davolt  Eric Davolt PE Dept.
Contact Abelardo Diaz  Abelardo Diaz World Languages Dept.
Contact Pedro Diaz  Pedro Diaz Teacher
Contact J. Edgecombe  J. Edgecombe Mathematics Dept.
Contact Ms. Garfio  Ms. Garfio English Dept.
Contact La Moin Garrard  La Moin Garrard Visual Arts Dept.
Contact Michael Gasparik  Michael Gasparik Music Dept.
Contact Mr. Goldyn  Mr. Goldyn Theatre Arts Dept.
Contact Mr. M. Gozonsky  Mr. M. Gozonsky English Dept.
Contact Lesley Harris  Lesley Harris English Dept.
Contact Amanda Hutchings  Amanda Hutchings Teacher
Contact Allison Kelly  Allison Kelly Mathematics Dept.
Contact Leslie Kestin  Leslie Kestin PE Dept.
Contact Bora Kim  Bora Kim Special Ed. Dept.
Contact C. Kravec  C. Kravec English Dept.
Contact Wilson Kwan  Wilson Kwan Science Teacher
Contact Emily Lague  Emily Lague Teacher
Contact Giancarlo Lazarte-Amado  Giancarlo Lazarte-Amado History/Soc. Sci. Dept.
Contact C. Le Mieux  C. Le Mieux Special Ed. Dept.
Contact Tom Lee  Tom Lee Teacher-Librarian
Contact Jennifer Lemvo  Jennifer Lemvo Visual Arts Dept.
Contact Andrew Lewis  Andrew Lewis Music Dept.
Contact Brenzel Lim  Brenzel Lim Teacher
Contact Karla Marquez  Karla Marquez College Counselor
Contact Ms. Julie McManus  Ms. Julie McManus (213) 217-8727 Visual Arts Dept.
Contact David Metz  David Metz Theatre Arts Dept.
Contact Salvador Miranda  Salvador Miranda Counselor, Music Academy
Contact Ms. Mui  Ms. Mui English Dept.
Contact Melinda Ng  Melinda Ng World Languages Dept.
Contact Tu Thanh Nguyen  Tu Thanh Nguyen Special Ed. Dept.
Contact Carmen Ocheita  Carmen Ocheita (213) 217-8758 Counselor, Theater Academy
Contact M. Odegaard  M. Odegaard Teacher (English)
Contact Audrey Pai  Audrey Pai Special Ed. Dept.
Contact Charles Payne  Charles Payne Teacher
Contact Nenita Price  Nenita Price Teacher
Contact Karissa Reese  Karissa Reese School Psychologist
Contact Jessica Rodarte  Jessica Rodarte History/Soc. Sci. Dept.
Contact Greg Schiller  Greg Schiller (818) 489-7861 Science Dept.
Contact Mark Schwartz  Mark Schwartz Visual Arts Dept.
Contact Robin Scott  Robin Scott Dance Department Chair
Contact Mr. Shipley  Mr. Shipley Visual Arts Dept.
Contact Wendell Stevenson  Wendell Stevenson Theatre Arts Dept.
Contact Laura Travnitz  Laura Travnitz Psychiatric Social Worker (PSW)
Contact Kristen Volk  Kristen Volk Dance Dept.
Contact Christopher-Rey Yraola  Christopher-Rey Yraola Music Dept.