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Ms. Ahn's Locker
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Ms. Ahn's biography

I am a National Board Certified Teacher of English Language Arts (Late Adolescence and Early Adulthood) who received my Bachelor of Arts from Williams College (Williamstown, Massachusetts) and my Master of Education from UCLA. I have been in the field of education for over fifteen years, moving in and out of the classroom as teacher, Academic Decathlon coach, GEAR UP coordinator, curriculum resource specialist, Common Core assessment writer, and literacy coach. Fortunate to have been a part of the VAPA family since its opening in 2009, I am committed to fostering our future scholars, artists, activists, and humanitarians. 

Ms. Ahn


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Per. 1, 3, 5, 6: EXPOSITORY COMPOSITION (12th Grade English)

Per. 2, 8: ENGLISH 10


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LIFE through WORDS

By Ms. Ahn

Words are power.

Power is action.

Action is beauty.

Beauty is art.

Art is creativity.

Creativity is LIFE.

Who Am I?

I am a connoisseur of language: whipping words, scrambling sounds, roasting rhetoric, and yes, sometimes mixing metaphors. Welcome to my feast.

I am rhyme and no reason, alliteration without consonants.

I am a Korean-American-Angeleno-Artisan-feminist-wannabe-pescatarian-dogophile who defies stereotypes and detests hackneyed labels. What are you?

I am a victim of the arts. How often have aesthetic masterpieces stolen my breath? I am ravaged by the power of aesthetics.

I am a student with eclectic lessons to learn and unjust rules to break. But I am also Ms. Ahn, your teacher, with lessons to teach and rules to enforce. Don't cross me.

I am in your corner, pushing you to the center of the ring, knowing you will be afraid, beaten, and crushed--but never defeated. You will curse me under your breath, entreating me to throw in the towel.

I am a believer. Despite my fastidious demands and reproachful countenance, I believe in you and your auspicious future. Don't shirk away from your Herculean opponents. You are a formidable fighter; believe in your prowess! Persevere, and you will prevail.

I am still hungry. Students, now it is your turn to contribute to the feast. What innovative dessert will you be concocting? 

Writing Links

Writing the Paper:

1)Thesis statements:

2) Paragraph development:

3) Evidence (go to "How can I incorporate evidence?"):

4) Quotations:

5) Transitions:

6) Fallacies:

7) Introductions:

8) Conclusions:

9) Revising drafts:


10) Reorganizing drafts:

Style and Sentence Level Concerns

11)  Conciseness:

12)  Fragments & run-ons:

13)  Semicolons, colons & dashes:

14)  Sentence patterns:

15)  Style:

16)  Verb tenses:

17)  Passive voice:

18)  Word choice:

19) Parallel structure:

Proofreading & Editing

20) Editing and proofreading:

MLA/Works Cited 

21) In-Text Citation:

22) Works Cited:

23) MLA:

24) MLA Sample Paper:


Before you enter, make sure you have the following:

  1. Homework on paper (not on flash drive or email). Do NOT ask me if you may print your homework (the answer is NO). If you left your homework in your locker, get it and return with an unexcused tardy slip. Return at lunch or after school to get tardy credit for your homework.
  2. Composition book
  3. SSR book (all periods except AP English)
  4. Bathroom needs addressed (do NOT ask to use the restroom during class).
  5. Food and drinks put away (except water or BIC items).
  6. Electronics (cell phones, music devices) turned off and put away.

If you are TARDY, do the following:

  1. Get a tardy slip.
  2. Write your name and period (if it is not already printed on the slip), and put the tardy pass on my desk.
  3. Have a seat and figure out what is going on; I will not stop class to address your concerns due to your tardiness.
  4. Take out your homework and place on your desk. If I don't check it, come back after school for late credit. (-10% deduction)

When you enter, do the following:

  1. Take out your homework.
  2. Write down your homework (see side board).
  3. Start reading your SSR book (all periods except AP English).
  4. If you have a cleared, excused absence, fill out and attach the "Makeup Work Form" to your assignment. Place in the black “Excused Absence” bin (under the Williams cow).
  5. Follow expected classroom behavior of cooperation, respect, attention, participation, and open-mindedness.