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Mr. Abee's 's Bio

I am 52 years-old, for now, and live in El Sereno with my family, in a sunrise facing house on a hill on the eastern most edge of Los Angeles, over looking the San Gabriel Valley. On clear winter sunrise one can see San Gorgonio and San Jacinto clear and strong, standing as the gate keeper mountain brothers to this Southern California region that cradles and tangles so many lives and dreams .

 I was born in Santa Monica, CA and graduated from Santa Monica High School in 1985.  I went to UC Santa Cruz for two years and discovered my love of literature and poetry working with the poets Lucille Clifton and Nate Mackey.  I left Santa Cruz in 1989, just before the earthquake, and moved back to Los Angeles, searching for the Beat Heart of the City of Angels, and writing mad  Queen Dandelion poems about all the jewels that I found in that search. I got back into school at UCLA, and graduated Cum Laude with a BA in English in 1994.  At that time I met my wife to be, and soulmate, for real, Cat Uribe, while working at the Onyx Echo Park Cafe. (RIP John Leech)  We were married in 1995, in June.   What a year that was.  Not only did I marry then, but started teaching at Thomas Starr King Middle School in September and became a father to Penelope Uribe-Abee in October. A happier Halloween, I have never had.   My second daughter Maya was born two and a half years later in April of 1998.  The happiest Easter ever.  I recored her arrival home, but taped over much of it recording the TS King Writers Club at Skylight Books.  

The taping over, a sad scar on my soul to this day, represents my whole life in a way, as teacher, father and writer.  


I have written a number of books: poetry, short-stories and two novels; King Planet, The Bus, Great Balls of Flowers, and Johnny Future. I have been a  teacher for 18 years now, have been written up in the LA Times and Los Feliz Ledger, and I am a National Board Certified Teacher in English, and I am a dedicated father.  Hey, I helped them learn how to roller skate and ride bikes.    Seriously, those girls have given me everything that life has to offer. So deep. So amazing. So much life. I am grateful. I am grateful for all of it. It is a rich life and am happy to share it in the classroom. 


Steven Abee

AP English Literature Summer Assignment 2019 Information Sheet

AP English Literature Summer Assignment 2019


Google Classroom Code: 5qullpi


Acceptance to the class will not be confirmed until the start of 2019-20 school year.




  1. Write a letter to Abee--I want you to write me a letter, 1-2 pages, introducing yourself, your view of things, and why you’re taking this class? What do you hope to get from it?



  1. Read How to Read Literature like a Professor by Thomas Foster

Pdf is attached on the Google Class page. If you’d like the printed copy you can order it at or


  1. Read a book--Read a novel or play from the list provided. If you have another book or play in mind, let me know, so I can approve it. The purpose of this part of the summer assignment is to give your more books that you can use on the AP Lit Exam and to prepare you for the kind of reading we will be doing in the class.In fact, you may choose a book that we are reading next year in order to get a head start.

Here are the books we are reading next year:

Fall Semester: Hamlet, Heart of Darkness The Color Purple, and The Bell Jar or Raisin in the Sun.

Spring Semester: Frankenstein, Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison, and On the Road.


Books we may read: One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest, The Piano Lesson


  1. Write an essay that discusses your free reading book and five concepts from How to Read Literature like a Professor and how the use of these concepts relate to the meaning of your novel. I’m excited to see how you all deal with a novel or plays literary elements their relationship to the books meaning.


  1. Literary Device Flash Cards--Make flash cards for all the devices in thelist provided.Flash cards must have definitions and examples.Try to find examples in your free reading. If that seems too daunting at this point, just look online for examples. There will be test on these at the beginning of the year. J


  1. UC PIQs--Write a draft of your four UC PIQs. Let’s get your college applications started early.



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Welcome Back

Welcome to   Mr. Abee's English class.  This is going to be a great year, just like the last one.

Class Vision

Here's what I dream this class to be, what I dream all of my classes to be:  I want you all to become poets and philosophers while in this class.  Why? Because that is the deep way, that is what being a human being is all about. It's about being creative and thinking about the big picture, it's about singing who you are, and looking into yourself for the reasons, all the reasons.This is what language is all about. It's why we speak and write. We  become poets, to speak magic into the air, to breathe magic into ourselves, to be alive in the words we speak to each other, to the streets, to the distant and the near, to the stars, and all the cars, and each other again, and finally ourselves, Finally and primarily OURSELVES. 


And philosophers, yes, I want you to  become philosophers too. This is what we do every day when we say yes to anything, or no to the other things. When we decide anything, we do so based on belief and reason. Who we are is what we decide and what we believe, and believe has to stretch all the way into the past and the future that we hold in our bones, right now.  Thus any decision we make makes us philosophers, aka  one who thinks about what we are and why we are.  I want you to be able to explain your beliefs, to hold them up to reason, to open them up and spread them out and see where they go, and see who those beliefs turn into.  You will meet a lot of people on the way. Hopefully, one of them is yourself.  :)

Steven Abee Locker
5/29/18 7:19 PM