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Mr. Gozonsky

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Howdy.  This is my fourth year teaching English at VAPA and I'm delighted to be here.  I live with my wife over near Venice High.  Usually I ride my bike to and from work, and so does she.  We have twin daughters who just graduated college this past spring.  I've been a teacher for 14 years and have won several awards and grants for teaching, most recently from United Way of Los Angeles.  I'm also a writer, and have published essays in Sports Illustrated and many literary magazines.  I majored in English at Cornell University and earned an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University LA.  My hobbies include gardening and playing tennis, which I usually do either at the courts in Ladera Park or at Rancho near Dorsey High.  When I am especially happy, I sometimes start speaking in Spanish.  My wife and I got married in Austin, Texas 25 years ago this October, and that's a big reason why I say howdy.


Mr. M. Gozonsky Locker
8/29/13 4:14 PM

Mr. M. Gozonsky