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College Admissions - Private Colleges

Private Colleges
There are literally thousands of private colleges across the U.S.  They all vary in location, size, religious affiliation, programs of study and cost. 
Here are a few private colleges in the Southern California area:
(Click on a school to visit their website)
Admission Requirements
  • Private schools typically have the same subject requirements as the UC's and the CSU's.  However some schools and programs/majors within that school may require more classes or more test scores.
  • Check with the individual school's website or catalog for specific admissions requirements. 
Application Requirements
  • Like most other colleges, private school application are typically online applications that require a valid e-mail address and the creation of a user name and password.  Most private colleges use the Common Application website.  Check it out by clicking on the following link:  COMMON APPLICATION WEBSITE


  • Application deadlines vary depending on the school; deadlines can be as early as November of your Senior year or as late as March or April of your Senior year.  Check each school's website for exact deadlines.


  • Most private school applications will include an essay or personal statement.


  • Private colleges also require specific supplementary documents as part of the application:
    • Official Transcript - List of official high school grades and courses; Request these from the your Academy Office.  They must be sent directly from the school or must be in a sealed envelope to be considered "official."
    • Teacher Recommendations - Typically you should ask teachers from an academic class you did well in to write you a letter of recommendation. Don't forget to supply the envelope, stamps, and necessary recommendation forms if you are doing a paper application.  If you are doing an online application make sure to get your teacher's e-mail address. 
    • Secondary School Report/Counselor Recommendation - Typically this form is filled out by the College Counselor.  Please check out the page "Secondary School Report" for more information on the procedure for getting a recommendation letter from Ms. Herrera or your academi counselor