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Special Education Faculty

Chavelas, E
Special Ed. Dept.
Hutchings, Alex
DHH Program
Kim, Bora
Special Ed. Dept.
Lague, Emily
DHH Program
Le Mieux, C.
Special Ed. Dept.
Lim, Brenzel
DHH Program
Nguyen, Tu Thanh
Special Ed. Dept.
Pai, Audrey
Special Ed. Dept.

Special Education

The Special Education Department is committed to meeting each student's individual needs for each student's maximum potential. Students who are currently identified with special needs, including those with mild and moderate learning disabilities, are fully included to the greatest extent possible in our academic community. We employ a variety of models:

  • Designated Resource students are fully included in the general education program with an additional class period of direct support through the Learning Center model.
  • Special Day Students are fully included for science and social studies and receive additional support in general education classrooms from Special Education teachers and paraprofessionals.
  • We offer three sections within our academic program for Special Day students to receive intensive instruction in geometry, algebra, and English-language arts.

Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Program